Sunday, 14 November 2010

NYX Cosmetics Now Available In The UK

So I was very excited to hear that NYX Cosmetics had finally arrived online here, in good ol'blighty. However upon visiting their site I was met with the mind boggling prices!!! I mean five pounds for one Jumbo Eye Pencil!? Surely that's Evil-bay prices? Perhaps I feel this way because i've become accustomed to paying my little £2.75 for the popular Pencils on a popular cosmetic sellers site; anybody for Cocktails?


Despite my initial shock at the sky high prices, I definitely would like to try one or two or three of their cream blushes in the near future.

I know that its early days, but I wonder if we'll ever have the privilidge of a sale mirroring the infamous Dollar Sale one day, hmmm.

Images from NYX Cosmetics

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