Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MAC Stylishly Yours: Style Curve

So I finally received Style Curve this week, one of the four lipstick shades currently available at as a limited edition from the MAC Stylishly Yours collection that was releasedhere in the UK last week. Described by MAC as a "bright violet", Style Curve has been likened to Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass from last years MAC and Disney collaboration Venomous Villains with its cremesheen finish giving an added shine when applied.

No Flash: (l-r) Style Curve, Violetta, Style Curve, Show Orchid

Personally, I believe that Style Ciurve gives off a playful, sheer colour that leans towards a pinkier tone rather than violet. However to look at Style Curve and the infamous PRO colour Violetta side by side you would think you were seeing double. I can say that after having a play around with Style Curve there is a slight difference between the two when actually worn. Style Curve is literally the 'play it safe' version of the bold looking Violetta.

Final thoughts: If you already have Violetta or even Show Orchid, save your money! See swatches below.

 Indoors with flash: (l-r) MAC Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta

  Outdoor Lighting - no flash: (l-r) MAC Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta

Did you purchase anything from Stylishly Yours? What do you think of Style Curve-Hit or Miss?

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