Saturday, 19 February 2011

Embracing My Natural Veil [Hair]

Me as a child with my natural hair; 4 years of age.

Today I thought i'd share with you a little [well kinda lil] bit about my  'natural hair' journey - third time on record.

On Saturday 10th October 2009, I sat in a Salon staring at the mirror contemplating what to do with my hair. I was in the process of trying to grow my hair out of a cropped Rihanna-esque hair style. But the condition of my hair of late was getting to me, I had that one problem area that just had a mind of its own #yeahthat. This one area had been growing fine and then *poof* disappeared like Delilah herself had come like a 'thief in the night' and done the honors of shaving it off! #mysamsonmoment dramatic, oui! o_O My hairdresser was as baffled as I was at why this had happened and suggested that perhaps it may have been caused by some sort of trauma [I had an op, mind you that was late 07 when that took place - trauma??] or medication that I was on at the time that may have contributed to this mysterious hair breakage, and *cough* dryyyyness. 


The long and short of this event is that, #meandrelaxerjustdidntworkout I left the hairdressers with a BC aka Big Chop [this was my 2nd BC in my hairs lifetime, but it wasn't THIS short that time]. I had a big family do to attend later that day #ohgosh! I was really nervous walking through the highstreet towards the nearest bus stop #operationgethomeQUICK and literally 30 seconds into my walk I  had to go and bump into someone I knew, didn't I? I cringed as I really wasn't sure of what I had just done - I hadn't stared long enough in the mirror at my face to see who I was lol. Needless to say she was full of compliments on my new look #confidancelevelupanotch

When I got home, I ran straight to where I consider the best mirror in the house to be #thebathroom and just stared at my face. I had hidden behind bangs, side swept fringes and weaves for ages prior to relaxing my hair and then literally shaving it off into a pixi look September 08 [kick myself for relaxing and cutting that time]. I had to process what my whole face looked like again.

#familysealofapproval My mother heard me come in and she loved my hair straightaway! I then went to my dad and grabbed his hand and said 'have a feel of this' and rubbed his hand over my head - my father lost his eyesight 3 years ago. He just laughed, in disbelief I guess at the fact that his daughter now had the same hair cut as his son lol. My brothers response was like 'kool' sis has no hair; anyhoo let me carry on with what I was doing before I bumped into her in the corridor #notbothered.

Then came the first public function that same day, it was an aunt of mines 60th Birthday. Why were ALL the tables facing the entrance/exit to the venue?? #entranceFAIL Everyone saw me walk in and it was one of those "don't look at me - i'm shy" moments. #lawd what are they thinking? I said to myself.

Well not before long, the 'Birthday Girl' came to our table and gave me a #sideeye look #IMAGINE, she simply said 'What have you done to your hair?" I'm thinking to myself at this point erm... no 'Hello' and 'hmm isn't it obvious' - #nolovelostthere. Generally the elders clearly weren't feeling it but the younger relatives where all diggin' the BC #confidancelevelupagain.

8 days in I had been watching YOUTUBE videos, scrolling through numerous forums and came across a beautiful young lady from the UK called Patricia she has a channel called NaturalhairGrwthShow [check her out] and she mentioned this site called Fotki and a UK member on there called Pamera -who instantly became my #hairinspiration when I discovered what this Fotki site was about. I myself decided to join the site and took my very first post BC pic on the 8th day and uploaded it.

 8 Days after BC

Over a year later, I am still natural, and my hair has grown tremendously and ol' Delilah and her shears clearly did a runner and legged it - never to return again #praiseGOD

Personally, going natural encouraged me to embrace who I am and my appearance. I always have loved my natural hair, but through lack of knowledge, a dose of peer pressure and I must admit sheer laziness I relaxed, wore weaves and long bangs to hide the fact that I personally lacked confidance in myself. When I shaved all my hair off, my face was there for aaaall to see. It was a hurdle that I had to overcome and I did! I even began to wear less makeup, as I became more comfortable with my overall appearance. I can honestly say, looking back at the last 16 months - I never felt prettier than when I had my short cut/twa [teeny weeny afro].

 13 Months: I can now wear my hair in a decent sized puff!

If you are currently thinking about 'recapturing the wonder' of your natural veil, I ask you, what do you have to lose? There is definitely more to gain aside from healthy hair and growth, there's also the strength you'll find mentally, physically and spiritually from doing so too! I won't tell you that its an easy transition, like I said before THIS is my third attempt. But your natural hair will surprise you, with its kinks, coils and curls!

*Arrrrgggghhh - my first time appearing on Marked for Glamour!!! Hiyaaa!!!*
15 months: My first attempt at a dry flat twist-out (please do ignore my 'Rock' eyebrow moment lol)

I am currently considering putting in braids or a weave for the first time ever since my BC; not to hide myself - but to give my hair and myself a lil' vacation. As the saying goes - "Leave your hair alone, and it will grow"!!

If you would like to follow my future hair documentation you can check out my Fotki here.

Glam Squad also check out the lovely  Angel Smith over at The Natural Lounge who has an amazing blog for naturalista's in the UK specifically > here

I hope that this post will serve a purpose to ladies out there who feel that they're at a cross roads with their hair. 

My closing words are borrowed from Chardanai from 'Nappy TV' on YT - "Black Hair Does Grow!" she is another #hairinspiration of mine from the UK.


  1. Aah i absolutely loved reading this post! It's really interesting and i am happy to see how your hair has grown out since the BC. Lovely! And you looks gorgeous too x x

  2. (",) Thank You for the lovely compliment Doll, i'm glad that you enjoyed reading it xx