Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sleek MakeUP: Molten Metal

What Sleek Says:  introducing Molten Metal, a new cream eye shadow available in a set with two colours - Pewter and Gold. As with all Sleek MakeUP colour products, Molten Metal is highly pigmented and designed to show up on all skin tones. The long lasting cream can be used on the cheek bones, the lips and also as a highlighter. Molten Metal, priced at £6.99, is long-lasting and stays in place without creasing. Sleek MakeUP’s Molten Metal launches on 5 January 2011 in Superdrug stores nationwide as well as on
So last week whilst I was browsing the cosmetics aisle in Superdrugs [as ya do], I came across the display for Molten Metal. Now this was meant to have launched on the 5th of January, however on the 11th [the day I was in store] the actual product had yet to arrive *side eye*. What was present were the testers though, so I had a play with those and snapped a swatch [when I got home] of them for you all to see!

Top-Bottom: Gold and Pewter

They were indeed quite pigmented as stated by Sleek and very smooth in texture. They reminded me of my beloved Iman Luxury Face Palette: Suede that I used to have. Whether Molten Metal's would make a nice base for eyeshadows remains to be seen [I assume so] mind you, I only swatched on the back of my hand and it did stay put for a while. 

With similar products available on the beauty market at a far heftier price, I do believe that these would have flown off the shelves in record time had Sleek released these precious metals during the holiday season. However if you are girl who loves to shimmer all year round, do not miss out on this product!!

What are your thoughts on cream shadows? Do you own Molten Metal yet? Let me know! (",)


  1. Hey! I have tried to follow your blog a few times but blogger wont let me for some reason : ( Will persevere!! I bought this Molten Metal product from IMATS - I adore it but would love to see how it compares to Illamasqua Liquid Metals palette. I have tried it with shadow over it but the powder went on quite patchy..hmm.. still pretty product for just £6 xoxo angel5ace

  2. Hey Angel5ace, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems following, thanks for still checking in : )

    I too would love to see a comparison of Molten Metal [which never ever made it to my local superdrugs, just the display] and Illamasqua's Liquid Metals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the product x