Sunday, 20 February 2011

Say Bye-Bye To Liquid Nail Polishes And Hello To Nailease!

Nailease! is an amazing alternative to traditional nail varnishes for a girl on the go! There is no need for heat and there's ZERO drying time involved; so its perfect for a last minute manicure fix! Nailease! doesn't smudge, nor chip either! Ace! In just 3 easy steps, you too could have Polka Dot nails like Katy Perry, fancy Leopard prints like Rihanna or a chic French manicure!

Nailease! Comes in 25 shades and patterns, which means you could have perfect paws for every day of the week! 

Available in Boots stores nationwide and at from Febraury 2011
RRP: £5.99 for shades and patterns £6.99 for French manicure

Could instant manicures replace your beloved nail polishes?

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