Saturday, 12 March 2011


...i'm sipping mine right now. 

Naaah...seriously there aren't really any lemons, life is in fact pretty good. 'Life' has just taken me away from my blog over the last several weeks. I had been working on a  few outside projects at the time of my last post and then I started a new job, so I wasn't able to blog and a week had passed, then like BOOOM!!!

The laptop died on me, so right now I am unable to complete the posts that I have already made a start on.

So I thought i'd take this opportunity [whilst i'm sneekily using the siblings laptop] to thank you beautiful souls for STILL hanging in there with me!! I apologise profusely for the SILENCE its not intentional, as soon as I can get this laptop fixed, Marked for Glamour will start picking up the pace again!

Side note:
I hope that my Trin-Bago viewers took full ADVANTAGE of the Savannah at Carnival this week - I had planned on doing my first FOTD dedicated to Trinidad's Carnival, but nevermind there are plenty more carnivals to come worldwide so i'll make it happen, but right now i'm WOTLESS! (",)

On a serious note:
I'd also like to take this time to send my love and prayers to the people of Japan [I hope that my Japanese Glam Squad and loved ones are all safe and well] in the recent events of this week, my thoughts are with you, may God be your comfort and strength at this sad time.

Well until the laptop saga ends....

Stay Glam!


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